airtel karbonn a1 and a1 india cashback offers : – Airtel has planned to beat the user with the headset companies to compete with jio, who wants to take their first smartphone.  The karbonn company has become a partner in this new strategy with airtel .

Vodafone also launched MicroMax with two India ultra smartphones. Apart from this, BSNL also launched Micromax India 1 smartphone. Let me tell you that Reliance Jio also launched its feature phone. Whose effective price is kept at zero rupees.

Now both the company karbon and airtel  is looking to provide smartphones in the price of the feature phone. Such two phones were launched on Thursday. 


  • airtel karbonn a1 and a1 india cashback offers


  1. A1 INDIAN


  1. A41 POWER 


Design and Size :-


The phone named A1 INDIAN  has a 4-inch wide touch screen with the same touch screen of 4 inches in A41 power. 

Both smartphones have a 4-inch display. Both phones work on Google’s Android operating system NuGA 7.0.


Camera description :-


A1 Indian has a 3.2 MP  rear camera and a 2 MP front front camera  WHERE as  4.1 MP rear  and 0.3 MP front camera in 4A1 power.


Storage :-


Both phones have 1 RAM and 8 GB  storage The phone will be AIRTEL equipped LIKE Airtel TVs  App already installed.


Pricing :-


Effective price of A1 Indian would be Rs. 1799 and the A41  power would be effective OF RS 1849.

To avail Carbon A1, the customer will have to pay Rs. 3,299. Customers will have to pay 3,349 rupees for Carbon A41 power. Airtel has made it clear that users can recharge in their phones according to their needs. Both these phones are being given cashback of Rs 1,500 by Airtel.


All about airtel karbonn a1 and a1 india cashback offers :-


The condition is that the user will have to recharge at least Rs. 3,000 in the first 18 months. After doing this, the user will get a cashback of Rs. 500. After this, at least 3,000 rupees will be recharged in the next 18 months. After this, a cashback of up to Rs 1,000 will be given to the user. This way the user will get a cashback of Rs 1,500 in 36 months. This cashback will be in the user’s airtel payment bank account. The user can transfer this money to any of his bank accounts.




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