About Us

Hello my all dear friends,

My name is Paras Jain,



First of all I would like to tell that I am not a special person,but yes I have proper knowledge of web designing and tools.

Because I love to try various apps , online offer and online saving deals which gives us some award , free talktime , big-discounts or sometime real cash too , I created my own blog to share all these offers and deals to the people who also love or like these type of activities, if anyone will follow my steps, sometime I can also get some commission from particular offer.

For this blog I booked my domain name tricknsave.com and my blog is live on web since 26th nov 2017.

Apart from this , I also like to gain and share technical news like new mobile launching, review of technical products, different types of plans by different operators and everything similar to that. I always try my best to write all the post in A�the way which is easily understandable by all our visitor and followers.


Who we are ???

We are blog lover who love and like to write blogs on online recharging apps , online promotional offers and technical news for our visitors. We are neither special person nor any application developer. We post android application and promotion offer for our visitor which we already have tried or participated.

What we offers :-

We dosent provide any illegal link to make our visitor fool to get any personal info of a particluar person .we offers what we have got, we doesna��t force anyone to do some specific tasks.

Our aim is to keep our visitor updated with android application , technical news and some promotion offers.

Our rights :-

As we provide the content or write blogs to take advantage for some online earnings. As we are the not A�real developer of application and offers provider ,sometime there is chance not to get whata��s actually written on post or for what the real offer is. In this case, if anyone found using abusing language by comments or other medium we have full right not to approve or delete any subscription from our service.

Our promises :-

We promise we will always try to post which is simple and easy to do through which all our visitor can take some advantage of online earnings and keep updated with promotional offers and technical news. We will never A�learn or try to share anything which is not legal or what we havnt tried by ourself.


To know little bit more about our blog , visit our privacy policy section.