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Top Stud Finder Apps For Android And ios

Stud Finder Apps For Android And ios :- So Hello And Welcome Guys Into Our New Post Which Is All About Stud Finder Apps

So Are You Looking For Best Stud Finder Apps ??

OK, You Are At Right Place, Today We Will Post Some Best Stud Finder Apps For Android And ios both, You Can Download Your Appropriate Stud Finder App From The Given Download Links

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What Is Stud Finder Apps ???

Stud Finder Apps Are The Apps Which Help You To Find Your Lost Things Remote, Toys, Keys, or Any Home Material From Your Smartphone.

Have You Lost Something Metal Things In Your Home ??

No Problem, Stud Finder App Will Help You To Find Your Metal Things From Your Smartphone.

We Know In Market Their Is Also Some Costly Tools Available To Find Metal Things

But From Stud Finder Apps It Is Possible To Find The Lost Metal Thing From Your Smartphone Into Your Home.

The Best Part Of These Apps Are, These Are Available For Both Android And Ios.

So Just Head Over the Full Post Below To Decide Your Best App Among All These Best Stud Finder Apps

What Are The Best Stud Finder Apps For Android And ios :

1. Stud Detector :

Stud Finder Apps

Stud Detector enables you to effectively discover metal surrounding studs, screws, and nails in dividers. This easy to utilize application will enable you to hang pictures and craftsmanship, and also whatever else that needs solid help. Tablets and telephones are both completely upheld! Make certain to peruse the short help area (got to from the question mark symbol) for point by point directions on the best way to work Stud Detector generally successfully.

2. Wall Stud Finder :

This application works likewise to other hand-held stud indicator apparatuses: as you move the gadget along the divider, the LED illuminates light in grouping as your gadget’s magnetometer approaches the stud. In any case, present day cell phones don’t have a thickness sensor (which is utilized in genuine stud finder devices), so Stud finder utilizes your compass (magnetometer) sensor. The compass sensor distinguishes unobtrusive changes out of sight attractive fields caused by the conductive metal latches that are situated in every single wooden stud. In view of the absence of a thickness sensor in cell phones, stud-finder applications can’t distinguish wood studs themselves, however rather, identify the metal latches in the studs. If you don’t mind remember this distinction when utilizing Stud finder.

3. Stud Detector by Guylyhey

Stud Detector works along these lines to other hand-held stud finder apparatuses: LED illuminates light in grouping with closeness to stud as your gadget’s magnetometer ignores the stud. Be that as it may, in light of the fact that cutting edge cell phones don’t have thickness sensors (which are utilized by genuine studfinder apparatuses) Stud Detector utilizes your compass (magnetometer) sensor to distinguish unobtrusive changes out of sight attractive fields caused by conductive metal clasp implanted in all studs. As a result of the absence of a thickness sensor, stud finder applications can’t recognize wood studs themselves, but instead, distinguish the metal clasp installed inside them. It would be ideal if you remember this distinction when utilizing Stud Detector.

4. Stud Find :


Utilize your iPhone to discover nails in wooden help shafts inside your divider, or any kind of attractive metal avoided see.

For this application to work, the nails in your divider ought to be attractive and your gadget (iPad, iPhone or iPod) ought to have a worked in magnetometer. This application does not recognize non-attractive items, For instance, aluminum or wood studs.

DISCLAIMER: The execution of the application is restricted by the development of the divider, nearness of a telephone cover as well as the material of the nails in the studs.


  • In the event that your gadget has an outside case, if you don’t mind expel before utilizing this application.
  • Align your gadget’s attractive sensor by moving the gadget in a “Figure 8” design. At that point tap the “Force” perusing showed on the application to set the benchmark to zero.

5. Real Metal Detector With Sounds :

This application estimates attractive field esteem utilizing the inherent attractive sensor that is incorporated with your gadget. The attractive field level (EMF) in nature is about 49μT (microtesla) or 490mG (mille gauss); 1μT = 10mG.

Metal Detector is an Amazing apparatus that utilizes attractive sensor to locate the metal encompassing you.

In the event that there is any metal in the territory, the quality of the attractive field should increment.

Transforms your wireless into a genuine metal stud finder making your loved ones envious about your telephone

No it’s anything but difficult to discover electrical wires and metal studs press pipes in the ground and anyplace with this astounding genuine metal discoverer application. you can likewise trick your companions that it’s a phantom indicator and unnerve your companions. Exactness of the genuine metal finder is on the sensor of your advanced mobile phone because of the electromagnetic waves and the attractive sensor impact by electronic gear. You can likewise locate the metal studs on dividers and discover things on shoreline just with your advanced mobile phone.

6. Toolbox

The most convenient estimating toolbox on the planet. Transforming your iPhone or iPad into a multi useful estimating gadget with: metronome, stopwatch, clock, seismometer, ruler, surface dimension and some more.

As of now, there are 13 estimating apparatuses + Flashlight in the tool kit:


It gives you a pleasant and clear nearby environmental weight, got from the barometric sensor in your gadget


This instrument exploits the implicit GPS to give you the exact height over the ocean level.


A pretty and well-made compass for route, voyaging and heading reference purposes.


It exploits the implicit magnetometer in your iPhone/iPod contact, enables you to screen the quality of attractive field all around. There are a scope of genuine applications for this helpful thing, for example, metal finder, AC attractive fields, or discovering low-attractive spots for resting.

7. Metal Detector :

Metal Detector is an Amazing apparatus that utilizes attractive sensor to locate the metal encompassing you.

Transforms your wireless into a genuine metal finder making your loved ones desirous about your telephone.

Distinguish valuable metals utilizing your own telephone anyplace whenever. Earth’s Magnetic Field ranges from 30 to 60 µT. Some other estimation means that strange metal action.

Ensure you are not around your PC or TV or Other electronic gadgets which can meddle with the readings of the attractive sensor making Metal indicator less amazing that it tends to be.

When you dispatch the application, Metal indicator perusing is appeared to your on the screen.

Is it true that you are going on chase to discover gold, valuable metals on shoreline or mountains? This might be the correct instrument for you.

Metal Detectors can be utilized as emf finder and emf sensor. The locator is electro attractive field indicator to recognize metal and identify EMF peruser. Metal finder meter in the application can likewise be utilized as EMF Meter.


8. Metal Detector Emf :

This Stud Finder app is also popular among all ios stud finding apps, to use this app just install the app from given download link button below

It can find magnetic field value which run on sensor from your smartphone

it is easy to use and free app in itunes, so download and also try this useful stud app for ios

9. Wire Metal Detector :

Wire Metal Detector is the App that enables you to distinguish electrical cables (wires) in separation up to 5 inches (12 cm) and in addition metal by utilizing an attractive field sensor of your Android gadget.

Subsequently, you can discover concealed electrical cables in dividers and different places and additionally simple discovery of metal items with diminished false cautions.

The wire identification and metal recognition are totally extraordinary parts of the App.

In the Wire Detection Mode the App analyzes the attractive field which made by the current in the AC electrical cables (wires). Subsequently, the moderately amazing gadget ought to be associated with the outlet to make the electromagnetic field sufficient. The power utilization of these gadgets ought to be in excess of 200 Watt for better recognition. Just 50-60 Hz AC in the wires effects on this sort of identifier. Identification is working just if the Android gadget is moving gradually or nonmoving.


10. Tesla

On the off chance that your gadget doesn’t have a magnetometer sensor, you can initiate the “Mimicked Mode” from the settings screen, to see it in real life.


* Easy to utilize location of Metallic articles and Electromagnetic fields

* Real and exact estimations utilizing the magnetometer sensor of your gadget

* Automated chronicle for long-term estimations

* View and investigate recorded information from inside the application

* Optional sound criticism flag

* The gave estimations are in miniaturized scale Tesla units (µT).

* Gauge demonstrating continuous quality (size) of the electromagnetic field

* Diagram demonstrating continuous estimation of electromagnetic field quality in three measurements (x, y, z)

* Clean and Responsive UI supporting both iPad and iPhone

Conclusion :

So all thse above are the best stud finding apps according to us, If you still like other stud finding app you can also comment so that we can include in our post.

Video Tutorial On Stud Finding :









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